About Exhibition

The first ever Online Exhibition on Shared Buddhist Heritage of member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is developed and curated by the National Museum, Ministry of Culture, New Delhi, India. The exhibition showcases rare Buddhist treasures from the following Countries & Institutions:

India: National Museum, New Delhi and Indian Museum, Kolkata

Kazakhstan: National Museum of Kazakhstan

China: Dun Huang Academy, China

Kyrgyzstan: National Historical Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic

Pakistan: From Museums of Pakistan

Russia: State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow

Tajikistan: National Museum of Tajikistan and National Museum of Antiquities, Tajikistan

Uzbekistan: From renowned archaeological sites of Uzbekistan

Since thousands of years, we have treasured Shakyamuni in our hearts and art. Taking it further, India is presenting, the first ever SCO virtual 3D Online Museum, on the glory of Gautama Buddha and with the objectives of protecting, preserving and sharing Buddhist heritage of SCO countries.

The Buddhist art had significant thematic and stylistic commonalities, strongly influenced by the Gandhara elements since the Kushan Dynasty. In the following centuries, local influences and aesthetic appeals have been witnessed in the evolution of Buddhist art across countries.

This special digital exhibition on shared Buddhist Heritage developed by National Museum, New Delhi, in active collaboration with SCO member countries showcases magnificent and rare treasures, revealing various Buddhist Art forms that transcend national boundaries, with renderings of similar subjects that encourage comparisons among regional aesthetics while distinguishing aspects unique to each area.

One can visit the exhibition from any corner of the world, using digital devices and relive Prince Siddhartha’s journey from childhood to sainthood. One can revisit the memories of places, through Buddhist art, where Lord Buddha he attained enlightenment and founded Buddhism (Bodh Gaya), he gave his first (Sarnath) and last sermons (Vaishali), where Lord Buddha spent most of his life (Shravasti) and finally where he took his last breath (Kushinagar)

The visitors can explore the Indian Buddhist treasures from the Gandhara & Mathura Schools, Nalanda, Amaravati and Sarnath. Admire the rare Buddhist marvels curated from Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Buddhist Buriyat Art from Russia, delight at the sight of the 13 meter long reclining - ‘Buddha in Nirvana’ from Tajikistan and treasures from ancient Termez, the World Heritage Site in Uzbekistan.

Welcome to the resonant SCO Online Shared Buddhist Heritage Exhibition, presented by National Museum, New Delhi, India.